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Unwanted toys don’t belong in landfills polluting the planet. They deserve a second chance!

SWAP yours with friends or POP them to a charity shop to be loved again. DROP broken plastic toys into Recycle to Read collections in schools and shops that have joined the mission, so they can be recycled!

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Get your school to join the mission and
get recycling toys and tech to earn
great book rewards!

Watch the gang’s videos on their first
wastebusting mission to Earth.

Re-use your rubbish and make some awesome crafts!

bin buster

The most awesome thing in every Wastebusters tool kit to help save worlds from waste!

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Helping you recycle and pass on your unwanted
items for re-use.

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Mission Members  and Supporters

A big thank you to the Wastebuster Club members that made Recycle to Read and the toy take back possible. If you would like to support this mission contact Wastebuster HQ.

Wastebuster is a not-for-profit social enterprise on a mission to help children care for the environment. Read our story: